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Echo112 – First Responder

Save a life, become a First Responder

People with medical occupation or with basic medical knowledge are not only able but also willing to act as a First Responder if something happens in their vicinity. «Echo112 – First Responder» gives a solution to this problem and allows volunteers to subscribe as First Responder. Potential First Responders in the vicinity can then be located by dispatch centers using modern technology.

That's how Echo112 – First Responder works

The system divides Switzerland into multiple regions and knows always which First Responders are in which region - this is done with a rough positioning. The system asks for the exact position of the responders only when an emergency arises. The advantages of this mechanism are:

Battery Life

Minimal battery usage

Purposefully usage of GPS yields to little battery usage.


Taking privacy serious

An exact position will be done only in an emergency. The history of location data will never be stored.

No Borders

Multiregional functionality

Thanks to the system of Echo112 – First Responder a volunteer who lives in Lausanne can help in Verbier. The systems knows no state (and country-) borders.

Save a life as a First Responder with the Echo112 – First Responder App.

Are you a dispatch center? If you have any questions or want to know more about the system you can contact us at info@ubiquehealth.ch

Already _ First Responder

For the visualisation of the current user base a random position in the vicinity of the user at the time of registration is shown. The exact or current position won't be submitted by the system.